Thursday, August 13, 2009

29 Weeks

Not sure if I am brave or foolish for taking a pregnancy picture in my bathing suit. I decided since I have been spending quite a bit of my summer in it I should see what I actually look like. Not as bad as I picture in my head.

Baby boy's girlfriend Molly was born on Monday this week (pictures on FB) and we took Isabel to the hospital for a visit so she could see what that was like. I actually went in the morning and we were back again (all three of us) after naptime. She was so quiet & shy there and when she would talk she was all high-pitched & squeaky. She said she was trying to be quiet for the baby. Daddy even got a chance to hold the baby and it was a good reminder of how small they are when they are first born.

Baby boy is still kicking a lot, especially when I do something that might infringe on the space he is taking up, like sleeping on my side or sitting on the floor playing with Isabel or some yoga poses. When I sleep on my side I had a few days where he would just kick & kick & kick and keep me awake and I would just give up and go back on my back, but I think he finally figured it out because the last couple nights I will feel this quick flutter on both sides & then he calms down. I imagine him in there turning himself around.

Also, a couple of days ago he found a new spot to stretch out to, under the right side of my ribs. Right now it's just midly irritating when he puts a foot there, but i know it's going to feel a whole lot worse. He sure seems to like to take up as much space as possible in there which is totally his father. I need a king bed to sleep with daddy otherwise I would get pushed & kicked a lot, not that the occasional stray leg doesn't reach over when I am curled up in a nice little ball.

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