Friday, January 8, 2010

10 weeks Old

It's so hard to believe that he is 10 weeks old already. He is still sleeping in our room, but now is in the pack & play with the bassinette insert (the real bassinette he outgrew). I want him to be sleeping in longer stretches before he goes in his own room in his crib. It's already exhauting enough without me having to walk to his room for every feeding.

Today he was giving Isabel some pretty hearty chuckles when she was playing with him. I only get mediocre chuckles out of him.

We started our next Baby & Me class yesterday. At this one we do a lot of singing and movement play with the babies. He was awake & very alert for the whole thing. he was so interested in the other babies and couldn't take his eyes off the little girl closest to us. I had to tell him that she was a little old for him right now because she was TWICE HIS AGE. Ha!

Tonight, Isabel & I were looking at pictures of her when she was 10-12 weeks old. My oh my, do they ever look alike. We watched a video of her rolling from her stomach to her back at 11.5 weeks old. She first did that when she was 10 weeks old, which is SUPER early for that direction, but she hated being on her stomach whereas he can be ok with it.

He on the other hand just kicks & pumps those legs and twirls around on his back & tries leaning to a side. Sometimes I think looks is the only way we can tell they are subkings because they seem so much different with everything.

He is officially out of 3-6 months clothes and wearing 6-9 months. He's my big little boy.

This last week, Uncle Brian was back in the US for some training. Today was his last day & he didn't have anything he had to do for work, so he came down by us to spend the afternoon with us and to meet Henry. As I type this his plane should be getting ready to takeoff so he can begin his jouney back to Spain. Unless work brings him back, we probably won't see him again until Summer 2011.

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Mom of Two said...

btw - pants he is wearing are from auntie phanie & uncle j.