Friday, January 29, 2010

13 Weeks Old & First Rollover

Today was a big day for Henry. He is 13 weeks old today and tomorrow he is 3 months old. And today he rolled over for the first time, from front to back. Baby Center says that rolling over from front to back starts as early as 2-3 months and rolling from back to front is 5-6 months. I think he was motivated to get rolling today because my friend Kirsi was over taking pictures of him and he was spending a lot of time on his stomach while she took pictures. He is pretty tolerant of tummy time, so was not as motivated to do this any earlier (like his sister at 10 weeks, who screamed anytime I put her on her belly.) So, I was pretty excited to see him rollover.

So, today he also has his 3 months pictures take. Like I said previously, my friend Kirsi took pictures. You can check out her blog and see a few pictures she took of the playdate and one of Henry. She is working on editting the rest and I will get them next week. She is working on continuing to develop her photography skills and set up a goal of taking pictures every day. So, today she came over for a playdate and to take 3-month pictures of Henry. I am very excited to see them next week.

I will get his length measurement tomorrow and on Tuesday I will take him to Amazing Newborn Clinic to get a weight.

He is a becoming quite verbal with mommy & daddy. He likes to coo and make lots of verbal sounds and is becoming skilled at imitating our facial gestures.

We have also begun to brush him gums with a finger brush. We started at 3 months with his sister as well and I thought it worked out really well to do that as part of the bedtime routine because it gave something (along with a story) that was done every night, since baths are done every other night. It also helped when we started brushing her teeth, she did not fight the toothbrush at all. So, I am hoping we have the same results with Henry.

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