Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 Months Old & Length Chart

Henry was 3 months old yesterday. Yesterday we noticed he is purposefully reaching to grab things. We got out the exercausers yesterday too. He has great head control but needs to work on trunk control, so with a little help from a blanket behind his back for support he can sit up in here & play. It was actually the other exercauser that we noticed him making eye contact with a toy and grabbing for it (not batting aimlessly.) He also started grabbing hair yesterday too. Boo to that!

He still has cradle cap & we are working on getting rid of that. He has it worse than his sister ever did. His nightime sleeping usually consists of a 5-6 hour stretch and two 3-4 stretches for a total of 11.5-12 hours of night sleep. His sister had a longer stretch by this time but she was also swaddled & in her own room already. And then he naps usually between 4-5 hours (over 2-3 naps) for a total of 16 hours of sleep. He is starting to establish a sleep pattern. He still doesn't like to nap unaided (being held or in a swing or carseat), but you know - I'm not concerned. Isabel didn't either until about 4 months and she had to be swaddled too (he hates it, I mean HATES it!) And I read the book "The No-Cry Nap Solution" and everything he is doing is very normal and it isn't until after 4 months that they start to learn to sleep unaided.

Henry is now 27 inches long. If he starts to level out rather than increasing even more than the arc, then we hould only see about a 3/4 inch gain over the next month and each month thereafter until 6 months when he hits the next growth spurt. So, we will hopefully stay in 6-9 months for another month or two.
Here you can see the whole outfit. This outfit came from grandma & grandpa M. It has a drumset on the t-shirt underneath and the hoodie had rock music terms & instruments on it.
We are all set to have his baptism on the Sunday of Memorial Weekend. Our church service is at 10am. We will have to sit up front, as that is what they do at this church for baptisms. But this will be just his baptism, not a group one like his sister had at the church we were attending at that time. I keep thinking about buying a little suit for him, but figure I will pass on the darker colored ones out now and see what they have in a month or two when styles should be lighter for the upcoming Easter holiday.

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