Saturday, March 20, 2010

20 Weeks

Let's see, what's new in the life of Henry. Well, he is making new noises that sound like dinosaur roars and Chewbacca. He is starting to go down to bed easier and actually let someone other than mommy put him down to sleep. Our neighbor came over to babysit Henry since mommy had a gardening class and daddy & sister had an ECFE class.

He is doing a lot of grabbing & started moving things from one hand to the next. And everything goes in his mouth. He loves to eat pureed bananas & cereal.

Henry & I took walks 4 days this week. He loves to swing at the park.

And even though this probably earns me a "bad mom" award, he loves to watch tv with his sister. I don't let him watch it long, but long enough so I can switch the laundry or get a start on supper. He really seems to like Chuggington, but that may be because his sister watches it so much.

He loves to be read to & likes to grab at images in the books. He really likes his fabric book that he can squeeze & pull. He also enjoys the touch & feel books.

He seemed to like the artwork. This month the gallery was of student artwork. There was some neat stuff there. He kept trying to reach out to the artwork. His favorites had the brightest colors.


Phanie said...

You get a lot more pictures taken with Henry. It's nice that Isabel can take such nice pictures!

Kendra said...

I don't think anyone would accuse you of being a bad mom for a few TV shows. You take those gremlins everywhere! :)

Mom of Two said...

It's hard to get Isabel to let me take her picture anymore. Sometimes I have to bribe her with letting her use my camera if she gives me a decent picture of her.