Sunday, March 28, 2010

Como, Easter Bunny, & Children's Museum

We have had a busy couple of days. We took the kids to Como Zoo & Conservatory on Friday. Henry slept through the zoo, but he was awake for the conservatory part. He enjoyed touching and grabbing the leaves. It was nice & warm in there and humid as well. It was actually quite nice considering the temperature that morning had dropped to 25 degrees and it was windy. It was so nice to be inside there.

Here is Henry's first time meeting the Easter Bunny. Look at how long this boy is. Seriously, does that look like a (almost) 5 month old size baby? No, it's not. He is wearing 12 month clothes already. Crazy. This summer he will be in 18 months and will probably be in 2T by his first birthday. My big little boy.

Henry did so great at this evening event. I brought him dressed in his jammies and he fell asleep in his stroller around his normal bedtime (after taking some time for him to nurse), then slept in the car and woke up briefly when I took him back out of his carseat. He is such a much more adaptable baby to different situations than his sister was.
We've actually been pushing the bedtime thing with his recently because of other events, but it's good because I do want him to start going to bed closer to 7:30 rather than 6:30 so that he can be up & out with us this summer.
Speaking of bedtime, with the risk of jinxing myself tonight, he has been only getting up once a night for almost a week now. THANK YOU!

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