Thursday, September 30, 2010

11 Months

Henry has become quite the character. If he thinks he's not supposed to do something, then he laughs while he does it. Although, he does understand what NO means and will stop doing something when you say it and sometimes starts crying if you say it stearnly. He also seems to be a budding thrill seeker. Jumping & falling are awesome to him.

We had a few days of a nursing strike and so I had to pump & give him a bottle, then he started nursing at bedtime again, and just today he nursed after he woke up and at bedtime. But as a result of all of this and my not preferring to pump often we aren't nursing at naptimes. So, we're only nursing twice a day. I really want him to continue nursing a little longer. Although, as a result of nursing less we have already started to transition to milk.

In the pictures below, he didn't listen too well to NO. He was splashing a lot and laughing hysterically.

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