Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Little Walker

Here is a short video of Henry pushing his walker. This was today. It sure won't be long before he lets go and walks on his own. It was amazing to watch his figure out how to slow down his walker when he gets off the carpet and onto the hardwood.

Just today I decided I should store away the exercausers since he hasn't used them in the last 2 months. He has a sit in walker too, but I am thinking that will get stored away soon too. He doesn't really need it since he can support himself and walk on his own pushing the other one.

This last week, sister set up her little tent & tunnel and he loves to play in that with her. We recently started crawling through the tunnel at the park and he thinks it's just a blast.

Oh! And he just pushed the tip of an 8th tooth through.

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