Monday, December 20, 2010

Henry's First Trip to the Dentist

He actually did really well at the dentist and didn't need his paci until the very end. Through most of the appointment he sat on my lap and let the hygentist and dentist look in his mouth and poke around. They said everything looks good and couldn't feel the molars yet (He has 8 teeth in front so far). The dentist said his bottom teeth are a little crowded, but he wasn't worried because often the jaw grows at a different time than teeth come in and then they will separate more. The top teeth had some nice separation so far. The hygentist showed him all the tools and the light while he sat on me, but the the last thing we did was let him sit in the chair by himself & ride up & down. He did not like that (most likely due to the stranger & separation anxiety stuff he is going through.)

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