Monday, December 20, 2010

Loves Coloring

He is one smart little boy. He has got scribbling with crayons down. He was having a great time today coloring. I decided I better give him some paper because he kept taking sisters crayons and trying to color the couch. He has his own thick triangular crayons. And after he was done using them he would put them away.

The other thing he has learned us how to hold on to the bar in the tub (the one mid way up to use to hold on to) and start crawling his feet up the side of the tub. Might have to put this boy in gymnastics when he is old enough to do a class, although he does get to do these things at open gym gymnastics. He hasn't done anything exactly like this, but he has seen other kids.

Also, he is trying to crawl up the magazine stand int he bathroom on the main level. And the other thing he almost has figured out is how to open the gate at the top of the stairs. He's just no tall enough to actually see what we do, but he reaches up there and moves his hand around trying to figure out what we do to get it open. Too smart for his own good.

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