Monday, December 20, 2010

Holidays Joys & Tears

Well, we found out Henry LOVES mint (his sister does not!) and does not like Santa. It might be because he is in the middle of a separation & stranger anxiety phase, or it could be Santa too. We did not know we would see Santa this day since we thought we were just going to storytime, but it was a surprise. There weren't too many kids there, but Henry was the only one who cried.

On a related note, about the mint. Today, I watched Henry walk over to the tree and take off a candy cane. Then walk back over in front of me with his back to me and break apart the candy cane (he's figured out that's the best way to get the wrapper off the candy & into his mouth.) The whole time I kept calling him name (normally he would turn around and answer). Then he stuck a piece in his mouth and walked over to their little table and placed the rest of the pieces on there, then he came over to me with a big red grin and a piece of candy cane sticking out of his mouth. Too smart for his own good I tell ya!

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