Friday, September 11, 2009

33 Weeks (plus 2 days)

Man! Without a digital camera and just using my camera phone it is harder to arrange to get the picture taken. With the digital camera I can put it on the tripod and do this on my own time. When I use my phone I need someone else to take the picture. So, 2 days late and here it is.
Anyways, yesterday was a routine OB appt. Everything is measuring & tracking right where it should be. I told the doctor that he seems to feel like he is bigger and she told me that statistically boys are born bigger & second borns are born bigger (statistically). She also said that second borns are (statistically) born earlier (by date) and quicker (labor time). Hmmmmm......I was pretty quick with Isabel, so this baby might be born in the car. Might have to have an "Emergency Delivery" bag in the cars. Hope daddy is ready to add * Delivered Child on his resume under his hobbies & interests. It certainly will give him an intersting topic discussion.
So, if you've been waiting to vote, now you know what the doctor thinks. She did say that by feeling him right now that he would probably be close to average size, maybe a little bigger. So, even though he feels like he is going to be a 10 pound baby, the reality is that he won't be. I just wonder how long he will be. Isabel was longer than average, actually she was a pretty long baby considering the average baby is 20 inches with most babies being between 19-21 inches. She was just above that at 21 1/4 inches. Genetics say he will probably be on the long side, but I guess we'll see.
And after this week, I will be able to deliver at our area hospital (I think it was 34 weeks) and not have to go to Children's Hospital. So, that's good. My neighbor is on-call to pick up Isabel from school or watch her until grandma can get here is needed, but we'll try to give you a little heads up. We've got the preschool programmed into our phones to call if needed and both sets of grandparents & my neighbor are authorized to pick her up from preschool if needed. So, I think we have that taken care of.
Other than that, let's see. Isabel has started to refer to him as Henry often. So, I think that name will stick.
Yoga is getting much harder, but I am sticking with it as long as possible.
He still kicks me A LOT. I don't think he knows he isn't supposed to have as much room anymore and shouldn't kick so much.
My plan for this weekend is to get the other changing table put together & up and either this weekend or next week to get the infant carseats (ours & one we are borrowing from a friend) installed. With our 2 compact cars I am not sure how they will fit and we may need to re-arrange seating in the cars. The truck won't be a problem, but the cars will be interesting as the infant seats won't fit in behind the driver and daddy just has too long of legs. So, we'll have to see what kind of configuration we can come up with.

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