Tuesday, September 22, 2009

35 Weeks

Well, I think he has moved down. Last night I had trouble sleeping because of low back pain. So, he seems to have found that same serve area his sister did. And sleeping on my back is just plain uncomfortable these days. It has started to get difficult to get out of chairs with much grace and after I got for a walk it feels like my crotch is just going to fall out (daddy thinks it's funny when I say that because he has no idea what that even means.) But there is certainly a lot of pressure and it is almost guaranteed that if I go from sitting to standing I will have to make my way to the bathroom. I see the doctor on Thursday for a routine appt. and now I can for sure have my baby at a hospital down here (I wasn't sure if it was 34 or 35 weeks, so now at 35 weeks we are all set.) I did finally buy a new camera and it is on it's way here. Yeah! We figured we better get a new one before the baby comes. We can't be taking all his first pictures with a camera phone.

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