Thursday, September 17, 2009

34 Weeks

He is still kicking alot and today he got his foot right up in there under my rub cage & under my breastbone, not sure how he did that. I seriously don't know how our skin can stretch as much as it does. Some times it is stretching so much that it feels like I might just split open.

I am a lot more tired these days and bending over at all is getting hard. I am re-learning how to pick up the house with my toes.

Yesterday, after yoga class, I had to tell my instructor that I wasn't sure I would be coming anymore since it is just a regular class and not a prenatal one. I was really hoping to make it to the end, but there are too many poses I just can't do or that feel uncomfortable. So, I think I will have to just do my prenatal yoga videos at home and go to the gym to go on the cardio machines.

For the past week or more, Isabel likes to give the baby a hug & kiss through my belly at bedtime. I sometimes feel like a broken record with her when I tell her I can't do something because my belly is too big.

Quite often my stomach feels like I am carrying around a couple of bricks. According to this website, he should be about 5.25 pounds right now and 18 inches, with about 2 more pounds to go and 2 more inches (if he is an average size baby) in the next 6 weeks. FYI - the next full moon is October 4th. I will be 36.5 weeks then. With Isabel I had my night in the hospital that did NOT result in a delivery the night before the full moon.

I realized the other day that I probably need to figure out alternate transportation for myself to the hospital if daddy is working (which I really hope is is during the day.) I have all sorts of back up plans in place for people to pick up or watch Isabel, so she is all taken care of. And today I started to realize that if things go quickly again and it happens during the day, that I could possibly be alone in the delivery room (with the exception of the hospital staff, of which I don't know any nurses and there is always the possibility it won't even be my doctor there). It kinda stresses me out to think I could be alone delivering this baby, but I don't know that I would want anyone else in there with me at the end except daddy. So, I never thought I would say this, but I'm hoping this baby comes in the middle of the night or at least before daddy has to go to work or after he comes home or on a weekend, a weekend would be nice again.

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