Monday, May 3, 2010

26 Weeks

This picture was taken on Friday when he turned 26 weeks (& 6mo.) I took it when we were outside planting with our friends for our belated Earth Day party.

Two days before he turned 6 months he rolled from back to front & then did it again the next day (Th), but now we haven't seen it since. He is balancing on his legs a lot now, but if he stops holding them his legs just turn to jello and he will just tumble right down.

He is starting to eat lots of non-baby food. So far we have given him some graham crackers (LOVES these), some rice, some piece of hot dog bun, canned peached chopped & some saltines.

He is still getting up twice a night and I am exhausted. Last night I only had to stay in 5 minutes because he wasn't hungry & just was lonely. So I rocked him and he went to sleep right away and I could leave, but his second waking he was hungry and nursed on both sides for quite a while.

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