Monday, May 3, 2010

6 Months

He actually turned 6 months & 26 weeks on the same day, but I didn't want his weeks photo & months photo to be the same one. So, this was taken a couple days before he turned 6 months when we took a trip to River Bend Nature Center with some good friends.

He is generally a really happy boy, but he has started to go through some separation anxiety with mom. I know, I am pretty awesome, so who can blame him. He has always been a mama's boy, but now it is intensified.

Well, he had his 6-month well child doctor visit and he is now 28.75" long (95%+), 21.5 lbs (95%+), and 17.75"(80%) head circumference. The website I had put his measurements on (& his sister's for 2 years) is now defunct. Boo!

We always have a good time at the nature center. I gave him some dried leaves to feel. He loved crunching them. I was surprised that he did not try to put them in his mouth. He has really been into feeling things with his hands more and not as much with his mouth, don't get me wrong though, he does put things in his mouth.

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