Sunday, May 16, 2010

6 1/2 Months Old

Normally, I wouldn't be doing the 1/2 month pictures, but since we were doing sister's 4 year old pictures I wanted to do some of him as well so that when I hand everyone his 5 month old picture we had done at the Wal-Mart portrait Studio I can also hand then an updated picture of him that I did. I think I did a much better job. :)

We did picture of Henry with each of us because he would let us. He prefers to be held and loves smiling. His sister, on the other hand, has grown to dislike posed pictures and is in this akward stage where she realizes she can control her smile but gets confused on jst how she should smile so she ends up looking fake or silly rather than a nice natural smile. I remember when Isabel was Henry's age and it was so easy to get a nice smiley picture!

Henry loves his mama so much!
He has really started to get into grabbing us to hig us, which is oh-so-sweet! The other new thing he does now too is splash in the bathtub. The past few bathtimes I tried showing him how and tonight he was just splashing away (oh no! what have we done!) He has also enjoyed playing with his sister in the sandbox with the new white & pink sand we bought. Surprisingly he doesn't try to eat the sand (so far!)

And finally, another picture of us. This one is my favorite, but I need a vertical picture above the mantel, so the one on sister's blog will go there and this one I will get copies of to give to people.
What you didn't know, but know now that I am telling you, is that I had to crop in this picture. We are in the process of teaching sister to be ladylike and close her legs when she has a dress on, but that wasn't the case for the picture. Luckily, there wasn't much showing and I could crop out a good picture.

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