Sunday, May 9, 2010

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

You can read more about the events we did there, but first I want to comment on the first picture in the top collage. He is saying "oooooooohhhhhhh!" a lot. They also have a Family Center room there with a Quiet Room (which is accessed by getting a key from the Info desk) and is a good place to go nurse in quiet & you can dim the lights. And they have a bunch of toys in the center so that kids can play. It's a good place for them to touch things and get creative on their own.

So, I decided to get a little creative myself in one area where we could create our own artwork while listening to music. I had Henry with me and decided I want to trace him and make him part of the art. I thought I was kind of creative. While I colored he just sat there and stuck markers in his mouth.

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Tru said...

You're a regular Van Goh or someone!