Tuesday, May 19, 2009

17 Weeks (well, tomorrow it will be)

I decided that since we had the time this morning & I was getting pictures of everything else I would do my weekly picture a day early. With tomorrow being Isabel's birthday I may get to caught up in everything we are doing for that and forget to get the camera set up on the tripod.
I have not puked in 8 days. Woohoo! And yesterday I felt great all day! No nausea at any point. I am not sure if the sickness stuff is all gone, but I sure hope it is. It would be nice to have it gone at 17 weeks and not have 3 more weeks (I went to 20 weeks with Isabel).
On Thursday I have a doctor's appt. and will get the quad-screen (blood work) done. It's just checking for chance of certain genetic defects. I think it just checks for markers & factors in age and whatever else it factors it. It's my blood they draw, not the baby's. We did it with Isabel and I am not sure that the probabilities would change much, but I guess we'll see. And then on Thursday I will be able to schedule my ultrasound, which will be done around 20 weeks.
Oh, and last night daddy got to feel the baby moving around for the first time. I was happy he got to feel that as I have been able to feel it for some time now.

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