Wednesday, May 27, 2009

18 Weeks

I thought I would put on the t-shirt that I wore in the first couple of pictures. You will be able to see week 18 next to week 12 in the slideshow above. I don't feel like I look any more pregnant over the last couple of weeks, but I suppose that is because the baby has moved up and is taking up more space. It also feels like the baby is laying closer to my spine than to my belly button. The last few days I feel constipated (even though the bowels movements have been good & often) or at least feel like I have to go #2 all the time. It's weird. When the baby was sitting lower I had to go pee more often and couldn't make it through the night w/o getting up once or twice. Now, it feels like I have to poop all the time. Guess that is about it that is new.

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