Monday, May 11, 2009


Seriously, you do pop out so much sooner with a second child. I thought it was about 4 weeks, but I think I am wrong. Check out January 2006 on Isabel's blog. 22 weeks with Isabel looks very similar to 13 weeks with this baby. And then 23 weeks with Isabel looks like 15 weeks with this baby. Mt next picture with Isabel is in February 2006 at 27 weeks, but at the current rate I should be around 23 weeks when I look like that. And then at 30 weeks I should be about the same in both. I don't have another picture after 27 weeks until (almost) 32 weeks (see March 2006), then again at 34 weeks (see April 2006) and then again at 37 1/2 weeks (see May 2006). So, guess we won't be doing too many belly comparisons.

I don't know if we'll do professional maternity photographs with this one or not. We'll see how I feel and what our schedule is like. And with this baby I am making the effot to do a weekly pregnancy belly shot from 12 weeks on and I think that will be a nice thing to have for their baby book. I want to be "fair" and try to treat these kids equally right from conception, I want to try to make a conscious effort to not lag on photos & stuff with the second child. So, I know I need to be thinking about it otherwise it could happen.

I was thinking about doing a 3D ultrasound, but I am not sure we want to try to swing that expense; we certainly can't afford a professional maternity photography session AND a 3D ultrasound. I think a lot will depend upon how our 20-week ultrasound goes and if we are able to have a pretty definite determination on the baby's sex.

I do plan to do a professional photography session in November for Isabel's 3 1/2 picture and ones of the new baby and ones of our new family. I did photos of Isabel at 6 weeks, but I think we'll do these ones when this baby is around 4 weeks. I don't want to get too close to Xmas, and I will probably send out late xmas cards this year so that I can use those pictures.

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