Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doctor Visit @ 17 Weeks

Well, this week seems to be a turning point. I have felt pretty good the past few days with no nausea at all (except my stomach got upset last night and tha may have been because I am not sure if my steak at Applebees was seasoned with garlic powder or not or if it was the fact that I ate a cookie -- sweets have upset my stomach too).

Anyways, I gained 3.25 pounds from 4 weeks ago, which puts me at just over a pound gained for the entire pregnancy (since I lost weight initially). So, the doctor was pleased that I put on some weight and didn't lose any.

We heard the baby's heartbeat and this time it was 130bpm. A boy? I guess only time will tell. We have an ultrasound on June 11th when I am 20 weeks. Hopefully the baby will be accomodating and let us see if they are a boy or girl. Daddy says he doesn't want to do a 3D ultrasound because he saw a video from it and thought it was creepy.

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Andy said...

Yeah, you're right... it's not at all creepy...