Saturday, April 10, 2010

23 Weeks Old

Henry is such a cute little boy. He's so happy and smiles so much. He is such a charmer. He will smile at everyone and it just makes them smile & giggle because he has such a great smile. He has become such a fun baby. He loves to take a bath with his sister & vice versa. He's begun rotating on his back by moving a leg/foot to one side then picking up his butt and scooting it over and then moving the other leg . It takes him a little while, but he will rotate in a circle.

Today he grabbed a couple puffer snacks and put them in his mouth by himself. That's pretty good. He is really developing his fine motor skills. He also LOVES blowing raspberries. He now also finds it fun to pull off his socks when he is grabbing his feet, which is different from his sister who didn't realize she could really take off any clothes on her own until she was three (it's not that she couldn't, she just thought only mom or dad got her dressed & undressed.)
Henry loves Larry, well he loves grabbing Larry. This is another way his sister & him differ. His sister didn't care either way about the cats, but Henry loves to feel & touch them. He also loves the touch & feel books, which Isabel didn't get into until much older. She used to look away when I would make her touch things. I think it was just too much stimulation for her as she was such a sensitive baby & is as a child now (but she handles over-stimulation better & better as she gets older). Henry, on the other hand loves to feel everything and will reach out on his own. It is amazing to me just how different two children can be. But one thing is for sure is that they both do love each other very much. I have been so amazed that she has never once asked to send Henry back and has never said she didn't want him or like him. She is a very proud sister and very helpful.

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