Sunday, April 4, 2010

22 Weeks Old

These pictures were all taken at Sarah's house for the MOMS Club Easter Egg Hunt. Henry was 22 weeks old on Friday.

This picture is of him feeding himself. A few days ago he first grabbed the spoon from Andy & stuck it in him mouth (because he was holding a spoon full of food out but not putting it in his mouth since he was telling me something.) It was amazing to see him do this. And since then he is always grabbing at the spoon and putting it in his mouth. And tonight he started trying to pick up his puffer snacks. We put some on the tray in front of him and them feed them to him, but now he is trying to figure out how to pick it up. He is trying with his whole hand.
He has also started stringing together constanants and vowels with repetition, but has not used them for any meaning yet.
So, he is definitly working hard on those communication and fine motor skills. The gross motor skills are coming along as he does more large motor movements with his hands & arms. He really pulls on his toys. He is very strong. He has also learned to bring his leg/foot up to help push a toy hanging out of reach closer to him so that he can grab it. This is what he does instead of rolling over. He does push his legs so that he moves his body in a circle while staying on his back. So, he is scooting that way.
I recently read an article that they need to master large muscle groups in a particular order (head control then arm control then trunk control then leg control.) He doesn't like to put any pressure on his legs to practice standing at all. I mean NOT at all. Sometimes I can get him to do it for a few seconds and lately if his sister is distracting him he will do it for a few seconds longer. So, I guess he will roll over again whenever he is good & ready. He is working on trunk control and his frog sitting is getting better and he soon may be able to do it with out leaning to the side.

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