Saturday, April 17, 2010

24 Weeks Old

Pulling off his socks is one of his new favorite things to do. And no, he isn't wearing a diaper in this picture. I like to let him have some diaper-free time for a couple of reasons, one is that is helps prevent diaper rash and two is that he moves around A LOT more if that diaper comes off. I don't think the diaper is that restrictive, I just think he thinks it's party time when the diaper comes off. He is going to grow up to be one of those kids that removes his clothes & runs around the house naked all the time.
He has gotten really good at sitting up all the way on his own unaided. The only thing he struggles with is controlling how fast he can pull himself up from picking up a toy. He usually pulls himself up way too fast and then keep heading backwards.

Ok, this is actually a tame picture of how his sister dresses him up when she plays dress up. Seriously, tame. This boy is so tolerant of her dressing him up. He doesn't care and doesn't rip anything off his head or face. He just keeps on concentrating on what he was playing with and keeps on playing.
Speaking of concentrating on toys, I just gave this toy to him yesterday to explore and he has the shutting the pieces thing figured out. Watching him play is different than when Isabel would play. She was a studier and would observe for a while and then try it out once she knew she could do it, that is still how she is when it comes to learning new things, if she watches me do it first she's got it and it's easy-peasy, but make her do it without seeing it then she gets nervous. But Henry, his style seems to be different, the style that seems to be emerging is, IF I want to do it I will jump right in and do it, and do it and do it and I will keep doing it until I get it figured out or you take me away. And if my sister tries to get in my way I will work faster so as to not let her do it for me, oh! And I will probably pound, pull & smash things to see if that makes it work.

It was hilarious watching him push the characters down and have his sister come try to help him. He started frantically slapping at them trying to get them down before she could touch them.
Here is Henry's 24 week picture.

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