Monday, April 26, 2010

New Foods

A favorite new food of his is graham crackers. He is picking it up and feeding himself and gums it nicely. This picture was take today. Today, he also tried peaches for the first time. His first taste of it was canned peaches pureed with rice cereal, but then later he was eyeing my whole canned peaches, so I cut up some of that & fed it to him. Loved it!

This was Sunday lunch when we were at Bd's Mongolian. Daddy is feeding him some of my white rice. He loved that too. I know we didn't feed Isabel these kind of solids this early, but we were new parents and were so sure she would choke on anything not pureed.


Kendra said...

He *might* be a better eater than I am :) When you add spinach and broccoli, I can say that for sure. Looking very cute!

Mom of Two said...

He likes spinach. Haven't added broccoli. He does like avacado.