Monday, April 12, 2010

WI Dells: Wilderness Lodge Waterparks

Henry made it to three of the four waterparks. He hung back earlier this morning with daddy while sister & I got one in.

The first one we went to was the Wild West Waterpark. The music was loud and it was very crowded and the water was slightly chilly. He didn't spend too much time in the water. He also hated all the water squirting everywhere.

The Wild Waterdome Waterpark was where he & daddy joined us on day two. He nursed & fell asleep right away and got in a short nap. Then we played in the water at the edge of the wave pool while we watched sister & daddy out in the waves. It was a bit chilly (the water) but the air temperature was quite warm. He didn't like being in the waves too much. He enjoyed that pool much better when the waves stopped.

After naps, we went to the Cubby Cove Waterpark. This was one we never made it to last year. This one was perfect for our kids. The air temp was warm and both pool areas were warmer. With Henry we mostly stayed in the pool with the basketball hoop & open swim area. He really seemed to enjoy swimming with us when there were no bells & whistles. The other thing that we liked about this one was no loud music that seem to be apparent at the other three. The only thing that sucks about this one is that it's located really far away and we have to take 2 shuttles to get there and if their timing is not coordinated, you can wait a long time. But I think it was worth going for if you have little ones like us.

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