Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 Days Old

Finally, some more pictures with mommy. I had to ask daddy to take these since I am usually the one taking pictures (so that means I am usually not in them.)

My milk came in by the 3am feeding (about 48 hours after birth) and at that feeding he filled his belly and slept for a nice long stretch, then woke up and fed again and had another nice long stretch. Now, if there wouldn't have been daylight savings and his sister would have slept in, it could have been a nice 3 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep for mom. I did nap with Henry this afternoon, so I feel good.
Since it was sunny out and in the 50's I bundled him up in a borrowed (too big) snowsuit (which was probably overkill) and we walked around outside & then in the stroller while his big sister rode her bike and then helped push him in the stroller. She likes to be able to help out when she can.

Isabel took this picture (she does a good job, I really need to get her her own camera again). Anyways, this is daddy, Henry& Lucy watching the Vikes beat the Pack. Henry is so good about being held and sleeping with daddy.

These are the flowers that our friend Lori, John & Rachael sent us at the hospital to congratulate us. Very pretty fall colors.

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