Thursday, November 5, 2009

More pictures from last 2 days

Today we have started to welcome some visitors. Unfortunately, he slept through this morning's visitors and may very well sleep through the ones this afternoon.
Today he is wearing an outfit that once belonged to Isabel's friend Rachael. Gotta love the gender neutral outfits that can be shared regardless. It has a little jacket that can be worn with it too. It is a nice warm outfit. He is also laying on the blanket that our neighbor Cindy gave him. It is so soft and has the same fabric in brown on the other side and has a matching burp rag, which is almost too nice to use for spit up. :)
5 Days Old

This is from yesterday. I put him in his cribso he could check out the crib mirror toy while I folded clothes in his room. He wasn't so sure about the baby in the mirror. It will be fun to watch as he starts to interact with himself later on.

Tomorrow he is a week old already. This week is sure flying by. He has more & longer alert times. His sister is just in love with him. she tells him he is so cute all the time and wants to be there whenever he is awake to help with however she can and watch him.


Rachael's Mommy said...

He is so cute. Thanks for taking the picture of him in the green outfit. Isabel looks like such a proud big sister. I didn't realize how much Henry looks like Andy. Hopefully Andy wont eat him now.

Mom of Two said...

Yes, I do think he looks like Andy. I don't think we have any pictures of Andy being really young, but I will have to check.