Friday, November 27, 2009

Recent Pictures

Today, Henry is four weeks old. Isabel still loves to be around him whenever she can and we let her hold him every now & then. I was looking back at her 4wk/1mo pictures and they sure do look alike. Monday he will be one month old and I will do length & head measurements and on Thursday I will get a weight when I take him into BabyStop (it's similar to the Amazing Newborn Clinic in Owatonna, but this one is in Faribault and they have Sibcare for the older ones, not sure if going there right after preschool is going to be too much for Isabel, but I thought I would try it at least this once and if it's ok we'll try a couple more times, as BabyStop is only for babies up to 8 weeks.)
This was his (first) Thanksgiving outfit. I bought him this cute top that says "I'm Thankful for Mommy & Daddy", but we had a diaper malfunction and moved onto a second outfit after a couple hours, and then a couple hours after that we moved outfit number three, which you see below.

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