Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Weekend

Uncle Tony came to visit this weekend and we took a picture of him holding Henry. Yesterday, Uncle Chris & cousin Travis were here to visit. Chris & Tony were nice enough to come hlpe daddy work on the kitchen project. There is just a couple more things to do in there (touch up in a couple spots, put the trim work back up, clean up all the drywall dust, and reassemble the eat-in area.)
This is from Saturday. Henry likes to take naps with daddy (or mommy too.) He would much rather sleep with someone than by himself, or at least does so much more easily sometimes. Although, we try to put him in his bassinett all the time, but sometimes he just likes to be held and will wake up if we put him down.
Today he smiled at his sister too. We ar definitly getting smiles from him and I think we will see that increase more & more.

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