Monday, November 2, 2009

Pictures from today

This picture was taken less than an hour ago. We have already gotten more use out of this pack-n-play with him in the few short days since his birth than we did all of Isabel being an infant (well, almost as much.) Since we spend more time on the main level of the house since that is where Isabel is too, he needs to take naps here. So far, he has been one of those babies that can sleep anywhere. I sincerely hope that keeps up.
Finally got a picture of him with his eyes wide open. His eyes are a dark, dark gray blue. I really think he looks like his sister in this picture when you compare it to the picture we used for her announcements when she was one week old.
He also take a pacifier or will find his thumb if he wants to suck on something and a breast or paci si not available to him. We did try a small amount of water in a bottle the other day and he did fine with that too.

We gave him a bath at home tonight. Isabel was very excited to help out. she helped me take off his pants and used the washcloth a tiny bit. She did show him some of her bath toys and wanted to share her bubbles with him, which we told her he was too young for. Afterwards, we let her use the baby hairbrush and gently brush his hair. She loves to be able to help take care of him.

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Isabel's Mommy said...

Daddy doesn't think they look at all alike.