Friday, November 20, 2009

Three Weeks Old

Well, today Henry is three weeks old and his sister is 3 1/2 years old. Although, other than a picture of her holding Henry she wouldn't let me photograph her today.

Daddy & I are both sure that Henry smiled at us. It's early for a smile. Isabel was early at 4 weeks with her first smile. He smiled at both of us on separate occasions today and was looking at us and gave us a big open smile. It was a very nice smile and was glad to see it. And now, it wasn't gas. He doesn't smile when he has gas, he furrows his brow and sometimes purses his lips when he has gas.

Tonight he came with me to see the movie New Moon. He nursed for a while and then quietly interacted with me for a bit, then went to sleep. He did get a little jumpy when the werewolves first jumped out and the noises that accompanied that, but as soon as he fell asleep he was not bothered by the loud noises, although I still kept my hand with blanket over one ear (the other ear was pressed into me since he was laying on his side in my arms.) It was nice to get out to see a movie, even if we chose the opening day for a popular movie (it was crazy there.) He could not have been a more perfect baby there.

Next week he gets to go with me to Ladies' Game Night, which is at a friend's house.

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