Saturday, December 19, 2009

7 Weeks Old

Yesterday he was seven weeks old. He now weighs 14.5 pounds and remains 24.5 inches. He is more & more alert and gets more interactive every day. In general he is a pretty happy baby and loves to smile.

I signed us up to take a Baby & Me class in January & February. His sister will go to "gym class" (it's really sibcare in an awesome gym with a whole climbing/slide/bounce house ensemble that she loves, but she wants her own class, so we call it gym class.)
Henry went to see his first play at Stages Theatre. He slept through all but 20 minutes of it. All four of us went to this. It is kind of a tradition now for us to go see a Christmas play. I think that's a nice tradition. This winter I plan to take the kids to see the play of The Snowy Day.

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