Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Month Weight

I know it's 3 days late, but I was finally able to get a weight. He is 13 pounds. WOW! I knew he was a champion nurser and this confirms it. He fit perfectly in his 3-6 months clothes right now and I imagine he will be onto 6-9 months by the new year. So, if you are purchasing him clothes for Christmas, best buy him 6-9 months or larger.

Today we went to the BabyStop class in Frbo. It's for 0-8 weeks (but because of the holidays we can go until 10 weeks.) I didn't learn a whole lot new, but I might in upcoming classes. And there were a lot of first time moms there that wanted to hear first hand experiences from veteran moms. The class is free AND they have free sibcare, so Isabel was able to go to their gym where they have lots os stuff to play with and an indoor climber & slide. She had a great time.

This afternoon we plan to take the kids to Cashwise to meet Santa.

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