Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Week

Well, Isabel's Advent calendar a couple days ago said she got to play dress-up, but she decided to dress up Henry. He is wearing the black & pink cape I made Isabel for Christmas last year, a bandana and a cowboy hat and she called his the Super Hero Baby Cowboy. She always comes up with names for her combined costumes.

Here are just a couple pictures I took with my phone the last couple days. The one of both kids is from this morning and the other is from yesterday morning. One thing that he is similar to his sister on is that he does like to be held & snuggled.
I took him in to the Amazing Newborn Clinic yesterday and he now weighs 15 pounds 4 ounces. This boy is sure growing fast. Oh! And he is 25.25 inches long, which put him at a gain of 3/4 inch since he was measured 5 days ago. Daddy came home the other day when he had worked and held Henry and said "Wow! What did you do? Grow 6 inches?" That was Monday.
He is seriously growing out of his 3-6 months clothes already. I knew he would be in 6-9 months stuff by the first of the year. I am pretty glad I got most of his clothes used because I was thinking he would follow a similar growing pattern as his sister, but he started out a little bigger than her and remains heavier than she did each week, so he fill out those clothes more. She was always around 75th percetile for weight and 100th percentile for length. He is 100th percentile for length and 100th percentile for weight as well. You wouldn't think it would make a big difference (a couple of pounds), but it does when it comes to these little clothes.
I think he's in size 2 baby shoes now. His feet were never small enough for size 0's (like Isabel's were) and I am sure the size ones are too small for him now. I think he wore one pair once. He has a couple pair of slippers we put on if he needs something on his feet.
Anyways, about the clothes. I had thought he might be in 12-months summer clothes, but I am thinking he might need 12 months the first couple months and then be in 18 months by July. Yikes! I bought a bunch of summer stuff in 12 months, but now much of it might not get worn. But then again because it is shorts it might be fine too. Guess we'll have to see.
I still have a couple more new 3-6 month outfits for him that I better get on soon. It's crazy how fast they outgrow things. It's weird that he seems to be going through another growth spurt, He had one at 6 weeks (like he was supposed to) and then the next was supposed to be at 3 months. Oh well.
It's really a good thing that his sister is so nice to him because he is going to be bigger than her before we know it and them getting along will be to her advantage.
So now he is outgrowing his bassinett a little quicker than his sister did. Darn it. I think I am going to bring up the pack&play with bassinett attachment in our room & set that up. It takes up so much room, but I am not ready for him to be out yet. The nasal congestion bothers me and I want to be able to listen for any breathing troubles. Plus, he hasn't quite started getting longer stretches of sleep. It sucks as it is to get up a couple times, but to have to get up and go in his room every time would suck even more.
The other night he had three 4-hour stretches and that was nice. But then last night is was 4.5, 2.75, 2, 1.5 and there was an hour awake period in the middle.
I am not sure how tonight will go because he napped like crap today and then I had a hard time getting him down tonight. He kept sleeping so lightly and then his paci would fall out & he would get upset and sometimes I could stick it back in & other times he need to be rocked or nursed.
Let's see - what else. Well, he is starting to get good head control. I think he's about ready to use the BebePod seat. That will give him a different perspective. He continues to enjoy his swing and loves looking at those fish on it and he loves the animals on his mobile in his crib.
He had his first laugh at 6 weeks. We have had a few since then and they are starting to increase. I think we will see more laughing soon. He smiles so much already and was a VERY early smiler.

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