Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Henry had his first Christmas Eve. We opened presents at home and then went to church. Now, the children are all snug in their beds (it took some work though, especially this one) and Santa has come and we will open those presents tomorrow.

Henry was very alert while we opened presents. Isabel opened his for him and showed them to him. He recieved a couple of homemade presents that I made (mittens & fleece-tie throw pillow {matches his blanket}) and a homemade snake that Isabel made (with my help) for him and a car/key holder that Isabel made for him with grandma's help. He also recieved some Christmas pajamas, a couple books, the chitter-chatter telephone, a stuffed animal (from the Borg's), and a little tikes tractor/wagon/farmer/animal set.

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