Friday, December 25, 2009

8 Weeks Old

My, my, he is a big boy. This is a 3-6 suit borrowed from my friend Rebecca. This will be the last times he wears this. He is stuffed in there. I have a 6-9 month Vikings suit I was given for Isabel that she never wore because she was in 12-month stuff by time it was cold enough to need it. And I think the 12-month suit was dk blue w/ teddy bears, so a nice gender neutral item. I am sure we will need the 12-month size before winter is over.
Anyways, last night he has his first 6-hr stretch of sleep. But of course, it was the first stretch & I was up for half of it. It was also his first night in the pack-n-play w/ bassinet insert. And so he was a few feet away from me rather than right next to because because of the size/placement of the pack-n-play.

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