Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, we are at the due date & I am still pregnant. I have an ob appt this afternoon, so I will update this at that point to let you know where I am at.

Dialation: 3.5, maybe 4 cm (improved from 3)
Effacement: 75% (still!)
Head/Pelvic Position: -1 (still)
Heartrate: 145/150bpm
She said he is definitly under 8 pounds at this point.

Next appt is made for next Tuesday. I am so bummed to make this appt. Actually, even after a nap, I am still annoyed by the lack of improvement and just want to cry. She said she won't push induction, but at 42 weeks she will have to induce, just FYI for me.

I'm annoyed my crotch feels like it is going to fall out. I'm annoyed I have to go pee every hour. I am annoyed I can't eat garlic yet. I am annoyed that I waddle when I walk. I am annoyed that everything takes so much energy when it should be easy. I am annoyed I keep getting up at 4/5/6 am. I am annoyed I need to keep my house cleaned in case it happens at any moment and the kid can make it a disaster in 10 seconds. I'm annoyed I can'thave a bloody mary or glass of wine. I'm annoyed.

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