Friday, October 23, 2009

4AM Mornings

Did I have these 4AM mornings with Isabel? I can't remember, but 4AM seems to be when my body just can't handle it anymore.

Today it's not contractions, it's that pelvis has shifted yet again and I can tell he dropped more. He has to be fully engaged at this point. It's weird how I can tell when he drops to the next position, but there are just some things I can feel. I get more of a waddle as I try to figure out how to walk again with the shifting, my pelvic region just aches from the stretching for a couple days, sleeping on my side becomes uncomfortable and intolerable as the pressue points have changed yet again. And now sleeping on my back is IMPOSSIBLE the way everything is positioned I have to be propped up, sitting straight up to not be in pain from having things crushed.

My last on-back position was more like 45-degree angle, where as now it's a 90-degree. You can't sleep that way. You just can't.

This really sucks because I am tired and there are no contractions (like there were for a few days in a row during these wee hours). And the last thing I feel like doing when I am tired is walking around to move those aching muscles.

In other related news, I did have my bloody show yesterday afternoon. It seemed to coincide with him dropping more. So, I imagine things are progressing and it won't be much longer. In fact, daddy has picked today at 11:30pm. He picked Isabel's birthdate and missed the exact time by 2 hours. So, considering the date was right at least and the time was close, I figure if he "knows" something we should be having a baby this evening.

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