Saturday, October 31, 2009

His Second Day

We left the hospital first thing in the morning. As long as everyone checks out fine they allow you to leave after one night when it is a subsequent birth. And when they start coming in at 6am to draw blood & take vitals, whoc wants to go through that a second morning and not to mention the uncomfortable bed and the yucky hospital food. So, I was very thanksful we were able to come home.

Grandma & Grandpa M. were still there watching Isabel and stayed for a few more hours so that mommy, daddy & Henry could take a nap and big sister Isabel was still entertained and well cared for. Grandpa M finally got a chance to hold Henry today.

Here is Henry sleeping in the bassinett in our room. He is covered in a blanket that was a gift from our friends Lori, John & Rachael.

Here is Henry as we are about to leave the hospital. Since we had the Suburban with us, we used the carseat that fit in there (the largest one for an infant had to go in here because it wouldn't fit in our compact cars). Anyways, this carseat is borrowed from mommy's friend Rebecca (Thanks Rebecca!) He went home wearing one of the sleepers that our dear friend Kendra has sent for him and his pumpkin hat from the hospital.

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Kendra said...

How sweet! I am so honored :) So glad all of you are home now. I hope he is a good baby and the family adjusts to the new addition well!