Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 36 OB Appt

Cervix: 2cm dilated
Effacement: 0-10%
Head Position: Down, -2
Flu Shot: Check
Group B Strep Test: Done, Results to come next week (they get shipped out to a lab)
Heartrate: Still a strong 140

The above results are pretty much the same as where I was with Isabel when I was at the very last day of my 37th week. So, he continues to be about 1.5 weeks earlier at things. So, we'll see if that continues to the end.

My doc decided she wanted to see me next week and even though she is scheduled to be at the hospital all week she took one afternoon to see her OB patients. So, I don't need to wait a week & a half to see her. I will be back next week Wednesday.

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