Friday, October 23, 2009

Annoyances - Things People Say

You know there are a couple things that annoy me right now, the first is people telling me to get some rest. I want to scream at them in my tired-state "Don't you think I want to get some rest? Do you think I enjoy being up at 4am with contractions and pains in my hips & back?" Of course, I have cleaned up what the thoughts running through my head are because when I think it to myself, I drop the F-bomb a few times to emphasize my annoyance. I probably would not be typing up a list of annoyances at 5am if I could rest.

Another thing that annoys me is when people say, "It's better having him inside longer than outside." Seriously, who says that shit? Do they say it because their kids are really that bad that they would rather shove them back in. I know things weren't rainbows and bunnies with Isabel and there were times I wanted to shove her back in. But really, like keeping him in there for 1 or 2 or 7 more days is going to change much. It does not prolong the inevitable. He will eventually come out and we will go through all the same ages & stages, just one or two or five days earlier. And that's those many more days I am not irritable and annoyed by this same crap. I will still have to go through all those first days, weeks, months even if he comes a little early or on time (late is seriously not an option at this point - and you don't joke with a woman in her last two weeks of pregnancy about going late - it's really not funny and you may find yourself getting injured if she can conjure up the energy & speed to do something about it, at the very least you are in for a severe tongue lashing.

Another thing people say that I find annoying is "He'll come when he's ready" or "Don't rush things". Either these people have never been pregnant before or they have severe amnesia. If you google natural ways to induce labor you will find pages & pages upon recommendations and suggestions and even more pages of women asking "How can I induce labor at home?" All those things wouldn't be there if thousands (maybe millions of women) were not ready to make him come when they were ready. It's not like any of us are trying to induce pre-term labor. We're just done in those last couple weeks.

Want another one? How about people refusing to provide you with a little bit of entertainment by trying to correctly guess youe due date by saying the same thing as above "He'll come when he is ready?" Well, no shit sherlock! But what day do you guess he will be ready? And don't say anything late unless you want me to curse you. It's just fun & games people and it makes me fantasize that maybe the friend/family member who picked that day has some kind of mystical
power that can predict such things.

This next one doesn't bother me so much anymore because when you are in the last month of pregnancy, you can't help look huge & pregnant. But I really find it annoying when people tell me I don't look pregnant or I don't look that big. In my head I am screaming "What?!?!?! Have I always looked like a fat cow with a beer belly?" Maybe it was because I was cursed/blessed with a long torso, but it seems to take much longer for people to say I looked pregnant because the baby has a lot of vertical room inside me to grow and doesn't need to protrude out too early. And even when I thought I was showing (& had to move into maternity clothes) so much earlier with the second one I still got the "You don't look (very) pregnant." Not sure if that is just a comment or supposed to be a compliment, but it feels like a slap in the face, like you are really saying "You always looked thick to me."

Ok -time to go make some tea and take a bath (should be interesting to see how I can or can't recline in there) and see if either provides some soothing relief so I can go back to bed for a couple hours, because I do want that rest (you just don't have to tell me about it!)

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Rachael's Mommy said...

you are right, people can be annoying. hope i wasn't one of them. you are doing a great job and you are so close to the finish line. hang in there. wait, is that annoying?